Privacy Policy

The creation of this privacy policy (the "Policy") demonstrates Al Rashed food Company LTD  “Yaumi” website's (the "Website") commitment to the privacy of visitors or investors (the "Visitor") and the right of privacy throughout the Internet. Privacy on this Website is of great importance because information from Visitors to the Website is gathered. The establishment of this Policy is a means to communicate information gathered and for dissemination practices. Al Rashed food Company LTD  “Yaumi” treats all personal information retrieved in accordance with the Policy in place at the time of retrieval or based on the Visitor's consent. By using the Website, the Visitor agrees to the terms of this Policy. Al Rashed food Company LTD  “Yaumi” reserves the right to change the Policy without prior notice and it is the responsibility of the Visitor to learn about any updates or changes to the Policy.
Collected Information

Anonymous Information

The Visitor may access the Website to read information about Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi", products and services without revealing personal information. To improve the usefulness of the site, Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi" measures and analyzes non-identifying, aggregate usage and volume statistics from Visitors in order to administer the Website and constantly improve site performance and quality of service.

Information gathered includes but is not limited to the activity of the Visitor's browser when viewing the Website, the path of Visitors and entry time. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” reserves the right to publish anonymous, aggregate summary information regarding Visitors for promotional purposes and as a representative audience for advertisers. This is not personal information, only general summaries of Visitors’ usage of the Website.
Personally Identifiable Information

Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi" may contact the Visitor based on the Visitor's request for information about products and services. To facilitate the distribution of this content, Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi"  may ask the Visitor to provide information such as but is not limited to the Visitor's name, company, title, telephone and facsimile, e-mail, website and address. Based on the Visitor's request, Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” may ask for additional information, such as the number of household members and how the Visitor heard about Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi". This is information is provided by the Visitor voluntarily and is not required by Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” in order for the Visitor  to use the Website.
Information Use and Disclosure

Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” uses information collected on the Website to contact the Visitor if requested and discuss products, services and information about Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” collaborates, or subsidiaries such as marketing promotions and events. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” may also use information collected to improve the Website or services provided. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” collects and archives information in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data collected and the need to fulfill the Visitor's request. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” prohibits the distribution of information collected on this Website to third parties unless specifically authorized by the Visitor.
Cookies and Clear GIF's
What Are Cookies?
Cookies are files Website Servers place in the Visitor's computer designed to store basic information such as preferences. The use of cookies on this Website allows Visitors to enjoy seamless visits and accurately measure the Visitor's behavior on the Website. There are two types of cookies: session and persistent. Session cookies exist only during the Visitor's online session and disappear from the Visitor's computer when exiting the internet browser. Persistent cookies remain on the Visitor's computer after exiting the browser. Cookies used on the Website do not identify the Visitor personally instead merely recognize the Visitor's browser, unless the Visitor chooses to reveal identity voluntarily. The Visitor may choose to reveal identity for the following reasons: to remember a username and password, to receive promotional offers, personalize the Website, or request more information on a product or service. Otherwise, the Visitor remains anonymous.
Cookies Usage

When the Visitor interacts with the Website, Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” strives to make the Website experience easy and meaningful. Web Servers use cookies to improve the interaction with the Website, for example, by remembering preferences. More specifically, Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” uses cookies to measure the Visitor's behavior on the Website and to save personalized settings for specific pages.

When Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” customers (the "customer"), login to the Yaumi forum, cookies save the Investor's username and password so that login information for quick access. Cookies help Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” reveal the Investor's identity to ensure legitimacy. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” uses cookies that only Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” can read and use to identify the Investor or a Visitor. Visitors that disable the browser's ability to accept cookies are still able to use the Website; however, some functionality provided by the use of cookies is lost.
Controlling Cookies

The Visitor has the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but the Visitor can usually modify browser settings to decline cookies if preferred. If the Visitor uses a public computer or does not want information to be stored, the Visitor may select the appropriate radio button on the sign-in page to decline cookies. If the Visitor chooses to decline cookies, the Website may limit accessibility or use of other interactive features that depend on cookies.
Third Party Sites

This Website may contain links to other websites. Al Rashed food Company LTD “Yaumi” is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these other websites. Visitors should check the privacy policy statements of other websites to understand policies. Visitors who access a linked site may be disclosing private information. It is the responsibility of the Visitor to keep such information private and confidential.
Policy Date

This policy was updated on November 01, 2010